BabyVogels Vliegles: Pyrrhura, Bonte Boer

BabyVogels Vliegles: Pyrrhura, Bonte Boer KLIK op de link om meer te weten te komen over de bijzondere hobby van het houden van een Kromsnavel als Huisdier…Je hebt hier gekeken naar zeer jonge baby vogels die voor het eerst leren vliegen in huis. Dit gaat heel snel, maar je moet er goed bijblijven, want ze kunnen zich binnenshuis zeker in deze fase overal aan bezeren.

How to Train your Bird to do Awesome Tricks Tutorial!

How to Train your Bird to do Awesome Tricks Tutorial!

Long Awaited Tutorial! (PLEASE READ BELOW, skip links etc)

Teesha123 here (graduate of a diploma of animal technology and bird enthusiast) and I’m going to teach you how to teach your bird some pretty awesome tricks in under 6 minutes (minus 11+ sec intro!)!

Apologies for all the text, I recommend you pause the screen when there is a lot. Wow technology is rad! Also apologies for the poor quality. There is only so much one can do to not kill an already very full computer….


0:11 – You will need:
a place without distractions
target stick
dowels if you bird is nippy
yummy awesome treats that don’t take long to eat that your bird LOOOOVES
a clicker or bridge word
Any props the trick includes

0:27 – Remember:
have fun
yummy treat
preliminary conditioning and target training

Lets Get Started!

2:06 – turn around
2:11 – do a flip
2:26 – kick the ball
2:56 – toilet training
3:16 – speech
3:30 – nod yes
4:11 – woodpecker
4:21 – hello (wave)
4:40 – Eagle

4:50 – Trick Medley

5:16 – Bloopers and Outtakes

Hope you enjoyed, please leave any requests in the comments below!

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Pyrrhura Parkieten